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Did You See That?

OK this has to be done before I say anything else about my hero (In case you missed it, John Elway). Actually I may have another hero.

Did Elway have this "thing" that Tim Tebow does? I am really not sure. My memory of John Elway starts January 28, 1990. It was a Super Bowl of loss 55 to 10. Ouch. Still hurts. Still hurts to name the other team too. Elway is a hero because he overcame.

Back to topic. One of the announcers for the November 17, 2011 game had the right word: polarizing! Did you see the Broncos versus Jets game? I thought the game was a great one, not decided in the first half.

At 5:54 minutes left the Broncos got the ball scored with only 0:58 left; new hero scored. Jets had 0:58 to win. They didn't.


Broncos win again! I heard commentary on a football game I was watching "Faith is everything, so is trust..."

How does a kid come out of the gate (okay, not really the gate but as starting QB after waiting three years) and make this kind of statement?

Do you know what I saw? I saw a TEAM that believes! I saw love within this team like I haven't seen among them in years. Players, coaches, fans, offense, defense: faith. They have faith him, in Tim Tebow. It's not the world or the fans that I am talking about: it is within this team.

Did you see the last few minutes of this game? As a fan when was the last time you saw that with the Broncos? That is special folks! Drew Brees has fans, a team believes in him and loves him. He won a Super Bowl. And he had talent but it took him nine years to win the Super Bowl. John Elway took 15 years! (And my Dad recently reminded me Elway is the best Quarterback ever!)

To me in order to win you need to believe in each other as a team. Am I right? That means as a team you need to believe. Another word for that is Faith and it seems to be a dreaded word in some circles. In my circles it is a positive thing.

OK, so you don't think you have Faith? I think everyone does. I acknowledge that it may not be something you can touch. For me it is something that I know. I know that the Denver Broncos are a thing that I cannot touch but they entertain me and I believe they can win. I have Faith in music; my joy of music makes me happy. I have faith in my faiths.

What else do I know about Faith? 1997. Who had faith that the Denver Broncos would win? I did. Can I give you a tangible reason why? Of course I can't! It was a feeling, nothing more. If you want to believe in Timmy I say go for it! It is what we do as fans, right?

This is a kid who has potential. It makes me nervous. From the response I have seen from the team he does deserve a chance. He deserves a couple seasons, like Jay Cutler had, to see what he can do. Have faith.

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